Essay On Indian Farmer

     Hello guys...! How are you? and in this article you will get essay on Indian farmer. This article is based on Indian farmer. India farmer are those who struggle a lot for their farms. They always cares about their country and also try to supply grains, rise etc to other countries. Their struggle is unable to define in words. But this is best article for exams point of view. Normally this essay will asks in UPSC, MPSC, government exams etc.

Essay On Indian Farmer

Essay On Indian Farmer

     A person who did not think about his or her own life or career and struggle for all over the world is called as the farmer. There are so many farmers in India who did not think about their family, career, during their work. They work hard for all the people of country as well as world. The Indian farmers, who lives in a very simple, hard work and respectful life. Everyday of farmers begins with the rising of sun rays. Farmer, this is the second name of hunger and hard work. They have a very simple breakfast with chapattis, any green vegetables and tea.

About Farmer Health

     Then they drink pure milk of cows and buffaloes in a greater amount and takes them out to graze. Also they use their milk in diaries for making ghee, butter, etc.  Cows and the buffaloes are the helper of the farmers. Snacks are the best friend of farmers because they help them to hollow the farm. During day and night, they works in the farm like a machine. They did not realise or think about the summer season, winter season, rainy season ect. Their hard work is for involving weeding, ploughing, sowing, watering, planting or reaping. They do not think about their physical or mental health. They works very hard in their farms to get more and more grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Day Of Farmer

     At the noon time, farmers have mid day meal. They take a small nap or rest for a while under the shade of tree. They can not sleep deeply and regularly his sleep was not well due to all the tention of different seasons and farming. When the season suddenly change, it may have a great lose for all the farmers. Sudden change can coz a lot of loss for a farmer.  After some times just as the sun is about to set, he goes home by sad face and some farmers make the hut and sleep their.

Farmer With Technology

     After their evening meal of the day, they sits on charpai ( a kind of bed) and take some rest. Sometime some farmers gather together for a quiet talk to get refresh. Normally farmers did not connected with the new technology, social media or internet ect. Now a days, the person who did not have mobile this is the tention free person. Before they goes to bed at night, they prays to God for the farm, money, profit and life. All farmers goes to bed for sleep quite early because every farmer workup early in the morning.

Struggle Of Farmers

     When farmers did not working on their fields or farms, they repairs their tends and implements his cattle. Farmers did not have much time for spending with their family members. They are engrosed in the farming. Farmers are the better half of the world who helps in a larg amount to live the life by providing different fruits, vegetables, rise, grains, ect. They did not have sadness from there work but if sometimes they get loos due to sudden change in atmosphere, they get upset. There are a lot of things to describe about the hard work of farmers, but we are unable to describe them by a pencil or pen in books.

Farmer Earning

     Farmers did not shy by their work in farm. They are always very active and humble. But in some conditions, such as heavy rain, storm, sunami, etc they get a lot of loss. Butt they did not loos his confidence, he always try to do their work on time. About the farmer earning, the farmer earn a very little money from the farming and leads a happy and hardwork life. But generally, he is glad every time. Therefore it says that, farmer is the better half of the world.

Conclusion For Essay On Indian Farmer

     From this essay we can conclude that farmers are the main reason for our health. They are providing us a lot of vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. Respect every farmer and help them as possible as you can. From every farmer we want to motivate by their hard work. By lots of struggles in farm, we get these all food.